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Welcome to Northwest Big Game Outfitters

We invite you to experience the hunting adventure of a lifetime. Our hunting area boasts a high concentration of trophy game. Our guides offer you top quality hunting. Base camp accommodations include hot showers, sauna, delicious home cooked meals and first class sleeping accommodations. Combined with our warm hospitality, over 45 years of guiding experience will make your hunt a success!

Our continued high rate of success is attributed to limiting the number of hunters relative to the trophy game available, horses and experienced guides. All hunts will be based out of our base camp and off of the Haines Highway using one of many spike camps that will be accessed by horseback or riverboat from this location.

All hunts include one experienced guide per hunter, transportation to and from Whitehorse to base camp, food and lodging, field care and preparation if trophies. For prices on all hunts please select the reservations page. 


Boone & Crockett

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As a hunter, I care about the health and welfare of wildlife, and of the animals that I hunt. I am committed to protecting the natural world, and to the principles that protect how the animal lives, and how it dies. Therefore, I pledge that when I hunt the wildlife:

  • Is free to roam
  • Lives in a natural environment
  • Can behave naturally
  • Dies quickly and cleanly

I encourage all hunters and conservationists to join. Click here for more information.

We can combine our Bull Moose hunts with Mountain Goat and for a full Combination, Coastal Grizzly Bear .Our Mountain Goat is second to none and constantly produces Boone and Crocket animals. For the ultin1ate in North American Hunting Hunt the Giant Coastal Grizzly. We start hunting our Grizzly at the 7ft mark but prefer to have our hunters wait and harvest a bigger Bear.. As our area borders the Alaska Coast we see a lot of Grizzlys that are over the 8ft mark and have saw us harvest Bears up to the loft mark, harvesting several that are Boone and Crocket scores.

Our hunting area is one of two areas in British Columbia that has the Dall Sheep. We hunt our sheep in august and generally take Four sheep hunters per year with an average size of Ram being 36 to 37 inchs. You can also hunt Mtn Goat on this same hunt.Being next to the St Elias, Wrangell Mountains in Alaska and Kluane National Park in the Yukon gives us stable population of Dalls. The rams that we take are generally heavy and 14 to 15 inches on average.

Black Bear can be hunted as a single animal but is mainly hunted in conjunction with other animals. Wolf can be hunted at any time and excellent hunts are available in March.

Over 45 Years of Successful Hunting

Northwest Big Game Outfitters Ltd has been owned and operated by the Goodwin family I since 1967. We take great pride in giving our clients the hunt of a lifetime. We offer Hunts for Giant Canadian moose that on average are on par with the Yukon, Alaska Bull Moose that are being harvested. 50 to 70 inchs with the average being 57.inchs. Most years see us taking Boone and Crocket Bulls.